First article of our blog, life and tips of Emilie Douce, Louis Audin and Ivette torpedo.

This is the  first article of the new « Chez Toutou » Blog. So I guess a proper introduction is the best way to begin even if it’s kind of traditional. 


« Chez Toutou is a new brand that produce high quality supplies for dog. »


Cool…Now you know what was written on our business plan to get our visa a year ago in France.

But to tell you the truth Chez Toutou is much more than a company. It’s an adventure. It’s the dream of a young French couple. 


And it begins today in october 2013 in Westport, Connecticut… at least in our mind.

Actually it begins about a year after due to all the immigration process.


In this blog you will find the stories, the life and tips of Emilie, Louis and of course of Ivette, the cutest miniature Pinsher you’ll ever see !


Everything start in Paris, France in the spring of 2013. Oh yeah , I forget to mention that the three of us are 100% French, borned and raised in Paris.


When Emilie ask me to follow her accross the Atlantic to start a new life. It litteraly took me only 5 minutes of reflexion, maybe less.


-Leave your job ? --- Ok, I’m not payed well enough and I don’t see no evolution coming.


-Leaving your friends ? I will live close to N.Y.C everybody will come visit !


-Leaving your flat near Montmartre ?  Well…my next door neighbor was a drug addict anyway…


-Leaving your family ?? Ouch… leaving my mom and my 93 year old grand father was not the easiest thing to do I have to confess.


-Leaving your motorcycle ?? That’s something  I still don’t feel comfortable speaking about…Please don’t mention it…


The decision was taken. 6 month from now (then) we will live in Emilie’s house in Westport, CT.





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Louis audin
Louis audin