Treating Your Pooch to the Trend of Luxury

Gone are the days of a dog just being the household's pet because your furry companion is much more like a family member than anything else. Your dog may even be your favorite, but of course, you just can't ever say that. Your secret is safe with us! You can however show your adorable pooch just how much you love and appreciate their companionship, entertainment and yes, even their wet doggy kisses at 6 in the morning with some luxury dog treatment. It's a trend that allows us dog-people to give the best of the best to our fur-babies, and with all of the Chez Tou Tou products being made out of Napa leather, you can guarantee that they'll soak up the soft and luxurious feel of your love.


Make 'Em More Adorable Than Ever

A huge luxury dog trend is pet clothing which totally makes sense because your dog is like your baby, and babies need to be dressed, right? Whether you pamper your pooch with extravagant style or you just like to bundle them up for comfort in the colder weather with a cute dog shirt, there's no doubt that adding a little extra to their already-adorable appearance is one thing almost every dog lover likes to do. The key to ensuring that you're being the best dog-parent ever is to make sure that you dress your dog in only what is comfortable for him. While (apparently) pugs like to wear goggles, yours may not, and their comfortable should always be top priority.


Pamper Pooch Treatment

Even the cutest, fluffiest of pooches get intrigued by a lawn full of fresh cut grass or a puddle of mud to roll around in. It's simply in their nature and baths are an absolute must but the products that you use during pamper time on your dog’s skin is where the true luxury treatment comes into play.  Everything should be of high quality to keep their coat healthy and shiny and to ensure that they don't experience any kind of irritation. This luxury dog trend is certainly one that no owner ever wants to skip out on. So whether you do the pooch pampering in your home or send them off to a luxurious spa for the day, keep quality in mind.


Show 'Em Off Safely

Once your pooch is looking all pampered and absolutely adorable in their newest dog onesie, you have to show them off to the world, of course! Luxury treatment for dogs doesn't only stop at their appearance and also extends its benefits to the owners. If you've ever put a poorly made dog collar on your pooch or walked them with a similar leash, you know what we're talking about. A dog's collar should never suddenly break and their leash should also never do the same. After all, these are two dog accessories that are vital to their safety... And no owner wants to chase their dog around the neighbourhood. This is why the trend of luxury treatment places important on quality craftsmanship with all dog products; even the essentials. Collection Bastille and Collection Croisette are some of the high quality brands that incorporate napa leather into the beautiful aesthetics of their products to keep your dog walking safely and stylishly beside you.


Custom and Cute Craftsmanship


With safety and style in mind as per the previous luxury dog trend, many owners like to increase the physical appeal of their pooches with custom collars that are totally one of a kind. The items are made of napa leather to keep quality, durability and comfort a prominent element, and the customization of your choice is tattooed right into the leather so you never have to worry about the personalization coming off.



Your dog is a part of the family. There is no doubt about this, and the trend of treating pooches to luxury treatment is a perfect match for dog-lovers around. Not only is high quality treatment for your furry companion healthier and safer, but it's also an excellent way to show them just how much they are adored which is most certainly why luxury dog treatment is such a trend.

Emilie Douce
Emilie Douce