Napa Leather


Napa leather got its name from Emanuel Manasse in 1875 while working for a tanning company in Napa, California.

Napa is a full-grain un-split leather made from lamb or sheep skin and is typically dyed to make an infinite color palette.

It is one of the best quality of leather available in the market.

To ensure the uniqueness of our products all of  our leather is made in Italy.

We guarantee our customers a leather :

• Very soft and pliable. It is not hard like other types of leather and does not crease.

• Tough and durable in spite of being soft.

• That has an intact top-grain. Hence, it is more "breathable" and does not retain moisture.

• That develops a patina over the years that adds to its beauty.

Napa leather has been commonly used to make what are referred to as specialty goods - bags, wallets, footwear and goods of personal use.

It is also used for car furnishings and can be found in cars like Ferrari, Porsche or a BMW.



The use of leather dates back to ancient civilizations. Over 9000 years ago, tanning was being carried out by the South Asian inhabitants of Mehrgarh (now part of Pakistan) for items such as water skins, bags, armour and much more. Tanning consists of a series of successive operations converting raw hides and skins into leather.

The process is a complex sequence of chemical reactions and mechanical processes. Amongst these, tanning is the most important stage because it gives the hide or skin the required stability.

Preserving them from decay by tanning pre- and after-treatment generates a final product with specific properties:

• High tensile strength.

• Resistance to tear, flexing, and puncture.